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Swindon Commercial Chaplaincy is now a Registered Charity, number 1171134. 

​ We are here for the benefit of th​​e community we serve. We are an ecumenical partnership of 

volunteers who provi​​​de a free Chaplaincy service to many who work in Swindon 

and we run The Front Room Job Club for the unemployed.

We have calculated that we contribute approximately eighty 

hours a week towards the economic wellbeing of Swindon.

​​​​​​​We can now offer a consultancy service to help you set up your own chaplaincy teams. 

​We can also help with training your chaplains.

Terry (11) edit.jpgChaplaincy Service


​​​​​We seek to minister to the needs of those who are employed in​​​​​​​​ many ways and in numerous areas of Swindon.

We try to identify, understand and share in the personal issues that are affecting those in the workplace. We endeavour to meet every one with friendship, respect, and confidentiality.

Don't suffer in silence if you are bereaved, sick, in debt, or any other problem that you may be troubled with. We are good listeners and we are here for you.


​Our time is your time


Click on the Chaplaincy link.


job club photo 3.jpg​​Front Room Job Club


We are a job c​​lub that seeks to welcom​e all, to listen and understand.

We are run by the ​​unempl​oyed for the unemployed and we are all in it together.​

 Come and join us​​ 

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